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BioPathwise DM Release 2.4

Data Management Made Even Easier for Researchers
Join the growing number of researchers that are getting their work done faster and less expensively. 

New features include:

Easily manage multiple projects in a single BioPathwise DM server, and control access to data  for each experiment or each project.   Reduces cost by eliminating the need for a separate data manager for each department or project.

Integration with electronic notebooks such as the Contur ELN system, as well as analytical tools and LIMS systems expands the quick availability of data, methods, and experimental results.

Easily track laboratory resources such as cell lines, tissue samples, reagent, and tasks together with the experimental preparations and data generated from each sample.

Our science-aware web search engine indexes the full repository, enabling quick search results from data files, documents, proprietary image formats, etc.  

Refine and sort search results to drill down to exactly the data collections you need.

Our flexible template system allows new laboratory technologies to be added in minutes.  Templates have been added for additional experimental types, making setup for a new project or laboratory even easier.

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